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    War and Unpeaceful Pregnancy

    Diomy Karvalius

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    War and Unpeaceful Pregnancy

    Post by Diomy Karvalius on Thu Jan 12, 2012 3:40 am

    [21:26] Diomy Takakura walked into the throne room and bowed, still chewing a piece of carrot cake
    [21:26] Vayon Stark (pepe.sautereau) bows before Diomy "you are getting big, when will the child come?"
    [21:27] Diomy Takakura: Possibly in the next week, M'lord.
    [21:28] Vayon Stark (pepe.sautereau) smiles "i will have the house girls set up a nursery for you":
    [21:28] Diomy Takakura smiled and nodded, "Indeed m'lord, thank you. I am..a little on edge"
    [21:29] Vayon Stark (pepe.sautereau) smiles "you will be fine Diomy, you are Dornish, you are strong'
    [21:30] Diomy Takakura sighed and nodded, "indeed. I only hope that I will be prepared when the time comes"
    [21:32] Diomy Takakura looked to the side door as it opened and saw Lady Alkina stark flow through the room. Diomy bowed as deep as she could and greeted her, "Good evening Lady Alkina"
    [21:33] Alkina Stark (katlen.dubrovna): Strode into the Throne room nodding as she saw Lady Diomy and nodded manging a smile "Good evening Lady Diomy" said as she moved to her loves side leaning down to give him a gentle kiss. "Please Diomy do not try to bow so much I know you are close and it can not be comfortable a simply nod will suffice" she said softly seeing her distended belly.
    [21:35] Diomy Takakura smiled, "M'lady, I do hope I honor you by bowing as I low as I do, as i will not bow as low to anyone else besides my friends." Diomy smiled cheerfully, bushing away cake crumbs from her tummy as quickly as possible.
    [21:36] Vayon Stark (pepe.sautereau) pulls his wife closer to him "the targaryen makes camp at the neck with a large force, it seems he wishes war"
    [21:37] Diomy Takakura 's cheerful smile instantly melted away to a frown the moment the Targaryen was mentioned.
    [21:39] Alkina Stark (katlen.dubrovna): she had smiled as well "I just do not wish you discomfort it is not a good position for one heavy with chi..." her voice cut off at her loves words. And she sighed "Aedin has come. he has nto even responded to your raven?" she asked in shock anger filling her ."So much for past kinship" she hissed shaking her head
    [21:39] Vayon Stark (pepe.sautereau) "i must plan for war, today i go make camp outside the kings road"
    [21:40] Diomy Takakura nodded, "I will gather what supplies and men I have available, m'lord. My husband always thought this day would come.
    [21:41] Vayon Stark (pepe.sautereau) "and where is your husband now?we will need him"
    [21:41] Alkina Stark (katlen.dubrovna): She sighed can you not still try to seek audience. "I See the hand of the Lannisters in this I told you they had his ear. I have no doubt that bastard ran back telling them all that I am a which" she said in a mix of anger and guilt. over the bastard witnessing her have a vision.
    [21:42] Diomy Takakura's eyes teared up and she hugged herself, "I ...do not know m'lord. I have not received a letter from him this week....and the other day, a raven was found dead in the woods....."
    [21:46] Vayon Stark (pepe.sautereau) slams his fist down on the arm of the chair "winterfells darkest hour and my men are nowhere to be seen, i will dispatch 4 ravens and call my banners"
    [21:47] Diomy Takakura flinches as her lord slams his fist down, making her feel tightness in her chest. As she clutches lightly onto her stomach, she breathes deeply.
    [21:48] Alkina Stark (katlen.dubrovna): She sighed softly "I am Sorry My Love" she said her heart heavy with regret. "I can not beleive he has not made any attempt to respond to you." she said OR at least send someone t with reason why. He had said he would give you time"
    [21:51] Vayon Stark (pepe.sautereau) steaming mad, his nostrils flaring, "i will go make camp soon, begin planning, see to Diomy, Alkina, she is due to birth soon"
    [21:52] Diomy Takakura looked up to Alkina, looking slightly dazed
    [21:53] Vayon Stark (pepe.sautereau) "Diomy, are you well?" looking concerned
    [21:54] Alkina Stark (katlen.dubrovna): She nodded with a sigh "I suppose you will not be allowing me to accompany you then?" she said not in any way indifferent to Diomy's condition she just felt she needed to be by his side should a vision come she wished to be able to tell him show him immediately. Her gaze swept to Diomy immediate concern on her features rushing from the throne "Diomy are you alright?" she asked quickly reaching for her arm to offer support
    [21:55] Diomy Takakura snapped out of her daze "Huh? Yes....I think so..." Diomy leaned on Lady Alkina for support and calmed herself. "Im sorry....I.."
    [21:56] Diomy Takakura shook her head, " should be alright..I'm just a little out of my head. I guess."
    [21:57] Vayon Stark (pepe.sautereau) shakes his head "no, you are getting close to birth, i have seen this before, you must lay down"
    [21:57] Diomy Takakura frowned, "but.....I dont think I could possibly relax at this moment."
    [21:59] Alkina Stark (katlen.dubrovna): She nodded "I know I do not think any of us can. IF you like I can mix you an herbal teat that will help you relax and sleep if you like when needed. you above all must see to yourself and the care of your unborn child Diomy."
    [22:00] Diomy Takakura frowned and nodded at Lady Alkina's advice, "I know you are right m'lady. I guess I will take that herbal tea..."
    [22:02] Alkina Stark (katlen.dubrovna): She nodded "It is very natural and easy. it helps you relax but it does not dull the senses, something none of us can afford at this time" she said with a soft sigh. giving Diomy a gentle hug.
    [22:04] Diomy Takakura nodded and hugged her ladyship back, "I appreciate the help..I never thought anything like this would happen....I only talked to that Maester once.....ha!"
    [22:09] Cendre Karvalius-Boreas walks in to the throne room seeing her mother and frowns.." mom what you doing here you need wait never mind i have no room to talk.."
    [22:09] Alkina Stark (katlen.dubrovna): She nodded "Nor I I honestly thought the King would be true to his word He told Vayon he would give him time. I know it was that Lorch I know it in my gut. "She said in a frustrated tone then tiled her head "What do you mean the Maester. what did he say?" She asked the looked beyond her to the woman behind her.
    [22:11] Diomy Takakura: "He said that he would help me.." Diomy turned and looked to see her step daughter, Cendre. She rushed forward and gave her a hug. "Cendre, I fear I will not have long until your sister comes..."
    [22:13] Cendre Karvalius-Boreas frowns.." mom...set down floor pillow some thing.. you should not be standing "
    [22:13] Diomy Takakura sighed, "I know...."
    [22:15] Alkina Stark (katlen.dubrovna): She nodded "I know you are apprehensive with them but they are here for us all. but I spent a good t part of my life in traniend by more then one I have some skils that can help but your daughter and Vayon both are right. you need to take it easy I know you worry for your husband but you must not over work yourself"
    [22:16] Diomy Takakura nodded and sighed. "I guess I will go sit down...and relax..."
    [22:17] Diomy Takakura looked to Cendre. How much she had changed since she last saw her. She suddenly felt tired.
    [22:18] Diomy Takakura: I will go sit in the dining room if you all care to join me.
    [22:18] Cendre Karvalius-Boreas sighs.." let me help with this problem and you rest and if you need a mid wife if i can i will come but call for jenry"
    [22:19] Alkina Stark (katlen.dubrovna): She nodded Rest Diomy we are all here should you e need us" I will have those herbs mixxed with in the hour and sent to you with a servant or myself personally." she said softly
    [22:20] Diomy Takakura nodded, "You are right Cendre...you all are. I just dont like not being in control I guess. I would be happy to have the mid wife and I would love the tea."
    [22:20] Diomy Takakura walked toward the dining area, more calm, though a touch on edge.
    [22:21] Cendre Karvalius-Boreas looks to the lady stark "forgive me my lady let me help my mother "turns and walks with Diomy
    [22:22] Cendre Karvalius-Boreas looks at her " when is she due?"
    [22:23] Diomy Takakura smiled as her Cendre walked into the dining room, "Cendre, its amazing to see you here. She is supposed to be due next week."
    [22:23] Diomy Takakura: "I guess she is impatient...."
    [22:24] Cendre Karvalius-Boreas sighs.." are you in pain any pain ?"
    [22:24] Diomy Takakura: "earlier I had a weird spasm...."
    [22:25] Cendre Karvalius-Boreas looks at her " how long ago " her eyes wide with worry
    [22:25] Diomy Takakura: "um...a few hours ago. Why?"
    [22:26] Cendre Karvalius-Boreas looks at her any other pains maybe something you thought was nothing? "
    [22:27] Diomy Takakura shook her head, "Well maybe some tightness in my chest....I was worried about something.."
    [22:28] Cendre Karvalius-Boreas frowns..." you dont move with out help dear mother where is daddy?"
    [22:29] Diomy Takakura's eyes teared up and a tiny droplet escaped her eyes, "I am not sure. I have not received any letters from him, and last week a dead raven was fount in the woods."
    [22:30] Diomy Takakura: "I fear your father's life is in danger"
    [22:31] Diomy Takakura wiped her eyes and swallowed as she saw her ladyship return.
    [22:31] Cendre Karvalius-Boreas eyes go wide "so..no..he is fine he taught les and flex some to fight and les and Arin taught me so daddy is fine .."
    [22:31] Alkina Stark (katlen.dubrovna): moved to the kitchen nodding to the staff as she went to one of the cabinets and drew out a small wooden box opening it she drew out a number of small backs with crushed herbs . taking a mortar and pestle grinding measured portions of different leafs and sprouts each having a different property rich in vitamins with soothing properties for mind and bodies both good for mother and child. she prepared some for a pot brewing it while she mixed more into a pouch for Diomy so she had a supply she could get to readily. once done she poured the mixture in a small draw string sack. then once the pot was done. she moved to take it placing it on a tray with a cup some honey sugar and creams not sure how she liked it. she grabbed some pastries as well as some small sweet cakes she knew she enjoyed. right now not worrying about her weight right now she just wanted to help her relax. her stress could b not be good for her or the baby. and headed over to the other chamber carrying it inside and setting it on the end of the table nodding to both. "I was not sure how you liked it so I bought both sugar and honey and cream as well"
    [22:34] Diomy Takakura smiled up at her ladyship, "M'lady, I love them all."Diomy glanced at the pastries and something deep inside of her said, "Those pastries were meant to be eaten..they are too damn delicious to pass up"
    [22:35] Diomy Takakura looked to both Lady Alkina and Lady Cendre ad she poured tea, "Wont you both join me? Why not have a seat?"
    [22:35] Cendre Karvalius-Boreas smiles smelling the brew.." smell nice my lady forgive me for not begin much of a lady my self i was out hunting when i got word about the other lady stark.."
    [22:36] Alkina Stark (katlen.dubrovna): She smiled warmly "Well I am not sure if your belly has ever given you issues . but the honey can be soothing in that way. how would you prefer it this evening though? OH and here this is for you if I am not here. that should last you a number of days it's just a mix of the herbs you can keep with you." She said softly. part of the reason she wished to give it herself was because of the recent poisoning she wanted no chance an one could tamper with it,
    [22:39] Diomy Takakura mixed in sugar, cream, and a little bit of honey and paused to look at the mix of herbs. She smelled them like a cat to catnip. It smelled delicious. "What about Lady Thresia?" Diomy smiled, lulled into a relaxed state, at which she placed the herbs into her purse and sipped her tea.
    [22:39] Diomy Takakura paused after tasting the tea, "This is delicious..."
    [22:41] Cendre Karvalius-Boreas looks at her mother and wounder what all she hard and what all she should tell
    [22:44] Alkina Stark (katlen.dubrovna): She smiled no need to apologize"she said with a smile, looking to Cendra. Formalities are something I have never been a stickler for especially in times such as this. She smiled I am glad you like it. I often use it to sooth my nerves. if you run out let me know. I will mix you more"
    [22:44] Diomy Takakura poured herself some more tea, prepared it with honey and cream, then sipped more, sighing out satisfied. she then reached over and grabbed a flaky sweet dessert and took a healthy bite out of its side. Red filling oozed out like blood onto her hand.
    [22:56] Diomy Takakura watched as Lady Alkina walked away with pressing business to attend to
    [22:56] Diomy Takakura patted the seat next to her, "wont you sit Cendre?"
    [22:57] Cendre Karvalius-Boreas walks over and sets down
    [22:59] Diomy Takakura sighed, "Do you think something is wrong with my pregnancy?
    [23:00] Cendre Karvalius-Boreas shakes her head " not i thing she a Karvalius and that mean her way or the high way and she wants out "
    [23:02] Diomy Takakura nodded, "You are right.."
    [23:02] Cendre Karvalius-Boreas giggles " just like the twins and coming when they wanted too not when they where due"
    [23:04] Diomy Takakura chuckled, "I know. Cendre you are very strong. I am not sure I am strong enough for my child...It seems as though she is eager, ambitious.....like she wants something...blood? I dont know..."
    [23:07] Cendre Karvalius-Boreas sighs.." there going to be in a hurry look at les and Felix taking my sister in i and running away...we should have stayed we should have talked to him '
    [23:08] Diomy Takakura sighed, "The past is in the past my dear..."
    [23:09] Cendre Karvalius-Boreas sighs " yes but i wish to talk to dad about it before my little sister finds out"
    [23:10] Diomy Takakura smiled, "You will." Diomy nervously ruffled her dress, "As soon as he comes home"
    [23:13] Cendre Karvalius-Boreas nods.." he will ..but i need to get home may i bring the grandbabies by tomorrow ?"
    [23:13] Diomy Takakura: Indeed my dear.
    [23:13] Diomy Takakura: I would love to see them..anything to keep me calm.
    [23:15] Cendre Karvalius-Boreas smiles " just no picking them up there to big for that " she stands " have a guard walk you home okay?"


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