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    Ama is one of 7 children born to Umar of the Moon Brothers. As the only girl of Umar she was still expected to pull her wieght in keeping the family fed and was allways at the side of her father and brothers durring Moon Brothers raids and used byt her father for his smuggling trips through out the Vale, Riverlands and Westerland. Ama eventualy left the mountains to seek her fortune,traveling first to Kings Landing before on a return home through Lannisport discovering the opportunities the slums offered.

    Brought up to fight along side men in raids she is feisty, will do almost anything to survive, regularly steals, has a short temper never backing down from an argument or fight BUT is fiercely loyal to those that befriend her.

    Finding just inside the Tar gate of Lannisport Ye Old Screw n Shackle abandoned Ama had claimed it and opened her first venture.

    The Old Screw dates back to the first ships which put into the bay from the Sunset Sea. perched on a rocky slope up from the beach a wooden shack provided strong drink and hardy women to the Tar's who manned these vessels.

    It quickly established its self as a place to ply the trades of smuggling, fencing of stolen goods, whoring and of course sale of strong liquor. In other words a Bawdy House.

    As Lannisport grew Ye Olde Screw n Shackle became the heart beat of the slums which teamed with the people outside the law;

    boothaler - marauder, plunderer
    burglar - one who breaks into, and steals things from, other people's houses. (If you break into and steal stuff from your own house, you're just a nut.)
    diver - fig. a pickpocket
    fence - one who trades in stolen goods
    footpad - one who robs pedestrians
    outlaw - a man wanted by the law
    pickpocket - one who picks pockets
    poacher - one who illegally kills animals, usually on somebody else's land
    silk-snatcher - one who steals bonnets
    stewsman - probably a brothel keeper - "since the words stew and stewholder both mean a bawd, I'm guessing that a stewsman would be a brothel-keeper as well. Whether bawdry counts as a criminal activity varies at different times and places."
    thimblerigger - a professional sharper who runs a thimblerig (a game in which a pea is ostensibly hidden under a thimble and players guess which thimble it is under)

    The Tar's gate was built in the new defenses of the City to give sailors access to the relaxation activities offered by the Bawdy House, a silent but persuasive statement that not just the Smallfolk availed themselves of same services.

    The former keeper, one Elizabeth Carey, of Slutshole Lane, having been found guilty of ten indictments, in keeping a disorderly house, was fined for eight of them half a Crown each, for the ninth to stand on the pillory, and for the tenth to be whipt from Casterly Gate to Fields of Fire Gate, passed away from her injuries.(this comes from an old account of the fate of one bawdy house keeper in the City of London)

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